Switch to Digital Records Transforms how PA School District’s Facility Management Tracks Pesticide Use

Switch to Digital Records Transforms how PA School District’s Facility Management Tracks Pesticide Use

PESTlogics, a technology service for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, is changing the way Cumberland Valley School District (CVSD) tracks and records its use of pesticides, fertilizers, and pool chemicals on school properties.

The digital cloud solution is also streamlining the Cumberland County, Pa school district’s inspections of stormwater detention basins. PESTlogics makes it easy to do field inspections on stormwater structures such as inlets, outlets and drainage swales using a mobile device such as an IPad or Iphone.  Inspection data and photos are easily collected without clipboards or paper and stored in the cloud for easy reporting to Hampden Township, a MS4 community that recently established a stormwater management fee for all developed properties within the township.

Vince DiRito, Assistant Facilities Director for Cumberland Valley School District, says the shift to digital documentation has streamlined their workload and is “like night and day.”

“You have so much more peace of mind,” says DiRito. “You know that data is not going to get lost (data collected in the field is instantly saved in the cloud). You feel more comfortable knowing that if someone came to inspect your record keeping, there will be no problem giving them the data and reports.”

DiRito credits PESTlogics for streamlining its record keeping, no longer having to transcribe hand-written field notes into a spreadsheet back in the office. As with most schools, there is not extensive pesticide use at CVSD campuses. Pesticides, including fertilizers, are primarily used on athletic fields several times a month during the growing season. From April through September, pesticides such as Roundup are applied on mulch beds.

“Still, if we ever did get an audit, our PESTlogics records would be accepted,” says DiRito.


One of the advantages to using PESTlogics spills over to the district’s stormwater management program. In 2015, the Hampden Township Sewer Authority adopted a stormwater user fee system and CVSD was assessed a fee based on its impervious land cover – rooftops, sidewalks, and parking lots. Property owners, however, can apply for credits to reduce their annual fee based on activities related to runoff rates and volumes, fertilizer management, education and riparian protection. PESTlogics is a way to document fertilizer use and show compliance with a fertilizer management program.

In addition, CVSD was looking for a more efficient method to keep track of stormwater BMP inspections and photos using digital maps. PESTlogics’s stormwater BMP inspection tool was the answer.

This simple-to-use but powerful interface allows users to store a list of structural and non-structural BMPs, each one mapped and information logged regarding construction date and type or category as defined by EPA’s stormwater BMP database. An inspection checklist is then used to document the conditions of each BMP using a rating of 0 (good condition) to 3 (serious condition). Comments and photographs can be added on the spot.

“The efficiency of PESTLogics’ BMP inspection tool is that staff can enter inspections quickly while in the field, using voice recognition for text fields and capturing pictures that are stored with the record,” says Sally Holbert, President of Land Logics Group. “The real beauty is that a managers can quickly generate and email a report with all the pertinent information for submission to the township’s stormwater management authority.

“In addition,” says Holbert, “managers can quickly view an online GIS map identifying a problem area, send the link to the maintenance supervisor who can then assign work orders. In short, PESTlogics improves your facility operations workflow.”

For more information on how PESTlogics can streamline your stormwater management inspection and reporting tasks, call Land Logics Group at 717-730-0127 for more information.