Land Logics Group Awarded Funds for Center for Water Quality Excellence

Land Logics Group is excited to announce that it will begin development of a new Center for Water Quality Excellence (Center) under funding from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST). The purpose of the Center is to accelerate the adoption of stormwater practices to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution of Pennsylvania waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

The Center will help farmers, local governments, and businesses navigate the complexities of available  funding and technical assistance programs. Center activities will build on existing collaborative networks that are working toward the successful implementation of Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay improvement plan, known as the Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan. The project will begin as a pilot project in York and Lancaster counties.

“Our approach is to be collaborative, not duplicative,” says Sally Holbert, President of LLG. “We want to provide value-added promotion and clarity to existing programs and networks. We want to publicize creative approaches to implementing BMPs, particularly those that have proven to provide the biggest bang-for-the-buck, such as streamside buffers, retrofits of detention basins, and farm cover crops.” To that end, Center staff will begin by soliciting input from key stakeholders and researching innovative financing scenarios and lesser known, public-private partnerships.

The Center’s activities will include: 1) a virtual Help Desk and Support Hub, 2) a physical storefront for one-on-one consultations and outreach, and 3) a mobile education center or “mobile storefront” that will offer its assistance at key target events.

The online virtual Center will offer intuitive, self-directed guidance about technical and financial assistance programs based on users’ queries for information.  A Knowledgebase library will house program resources and guidance. For personalized assistance, the Center will operate a ticket system and 800 number, as well as one-on-one assistance at an office located in Columbia Borough. A suite of outreach efforts will be coordinated with local groups such as stormwater consortiums, watershed groups, conservation districts, and planning agencies.

The Center will launch activities by spring 2021. For more information, contact Pat Devlin, LLG Program Manager, at 717-730-0127 Ext. 3.